Cool and Fun Outdoor DIY Projects

Bringing Design and Style Outside

Most of the projects we do here at Faux Masters are primarily focused on inside spaces.  But there are so many more options to consider when we step in our own backyard…literally.

Fun painting projects don’t have to be limited only to interior spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.  We found a few outdoor DIY projects that would be fun and stylish to try.



Stained Trellis

The handmade look is so popular these days.  With Etsyinspired flair, this stained trellis would be the perfect option for a bare wall space outside or to break up a sitting area on a patio.  Using FauxCrème Color TransOxides™  would be the perfect choice for a color-safe stain that would survive the harsh sun rays.  These colors are designed to maintain color fastness in exterior projects, but can also be used in interior projects as well.  Simply add to FauxCrème Clear® in your desired ratio and stain away!

Geometric Genius

Using SetCoat®, you can paint some cinder blocks for some funky, modern pots using a high adhesive tape.  To ensure clean tape lines, prior to painting with your chosen color, apply a small amount of SetCoat® Clear over the tape line, so if any paint bleeds through, it will be clear.  So simple, economical and easy.  Galaxy Stone™ is a fantastic option for exterior projects due to it’s durability and scratch resistance.  This product has a beautiful, natural shimmer in some great color options, or the tint base can be tinted to any color using FauxCrème Colors™.

Taking SetCoat®

 a step further, painting some bold and bright colors on pavers can break up the space, especially for a section dedicated to kids play.

The most stunning way to use SetCoat®, would be to paint an entire floor in a modern pattern.  For this application, we would recommend topcoating with C-500™ for added durability over time.

To take your painting skills one step further, you could use a stencil.  Simply use a foam roller and off-load excess paint onto a paper towel before applying to the surface to avoid any under-bleeding.  Try experimenting with different colors for some variation.

Custom-painting natural fiber rugs is a great way to personalize your outdoor space.  Sometimes when shopping for the ‘exact’ thing you want can be tricky, so rather than scour the earth, simply make it yourself!

One of the coolest projects we’ve seen is using glow in the dark paint with a stencil.  Such a fun idea!

What are your favorite outdoor projects? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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