Meet Our Team

Our Faux and Decorative Painting Team

Camille Caballero

Studio Director and Lead Instructor

With a background in ceramics, paying close attention to detail comes natural to Camille. She’s always in-the-know of what’s new in design and decorative painting, and has a sharp instinct for color and paint. Her work is featured and praised in publications (Jeannette Joy Fisher’s Design Psychology), television (TLC network’s Flip That House), galleries, and countless homes throughout the country.

Juan Trejo

Customer Relations and Shipping

Juan began his faux finish and decorative painting career with Hoppe Brothers and Sons in 1996. After two years of training and working on various residential projects, he began working at Faux Masters Studio and he now manages the customer service and order operations. His enthusiasm for the industry shows through in that he is always readily available to inform customers of the latest products and in his ability to deliver sound technical support. Juan enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family. He has two daughters and resides in Riverside, California.

Tyler Hoppe


Tyler joined the team in 2001, working seasonally. After graduating with a BA in Business Administration from CSU Fullerton, he took a bigger role in the company as the manager of our website and ecommerce presence. Since then, Tyler’s role has continued to evolve and today he currently acts as the controller for Faux Masters Studio. Tyler plays an imperative role in the vision and direction of the company as well as making day-to-day decisions.

Tara Gross

Purchasing Manager

Through years of experience in Customer Relations, Tara Gross brings a multi-faceted set of skills to Faux Masters Studio. As the Inventory and Purchasing Manager, she ensures Faux Masters has all the goodies you are looking for, as well as managing billing and accounts receivable.

Michael Hoppe

Product Research Director

Michael has been working in the field for 30 years. He is at the forefront of pushing the Faux Masters Studio’s curriculum into the newest and brightest innovations in the business. His sense of relevancy keeps our students fully aware of market trends and in-demand designs. He specializes in exotic textures, furniture, and cabinetry finishes. He imparts on our students his valuable and deep understanding of decorative painting and product chemistry.

Bob Hoppe

Operations Director

Serving on the board of the local chapter of the PDCA for over 12 years, Bob has a vested interest in the faux finishing and decorative painting trade. Sharing his knowledge of customer relations, business strategies, and project time and budget estimations with students, his passion carries over into all aspects of the business. His relationships at the PDCA cultivated a drive to continue the growth of not only his personal business, but through creation Faux Masters Studio- the entire industry.