What’s Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and Asphaltum and can go outside? Exploring Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Pigments

Have you heard? FauxCréme™ Color Trans Oxide is the new black.  And Red, Yellow, Brown and Asphaltum.  I have another favorite product here that I’m adding to everything from my plasters like Sandstone™, RsPlaster™ and StucoLux™, as well as glazes for furniture with FauxCréme Clear™ and AquaCreme™.


exterior paint

Please welcome FauxCréme™ Color Trans Oxide.


Faux Effects®  has a large range of acrylic and water-based colorants perfect for tinting glazes and plasters, but these…oh my.  Not only are they gorgeous colors all on their own—no need to mix 5 colors to get a rich tone but these are UV safe so you can create a deep wood tone glaze that can go exterior!  Yes, exterior!   Celebrate with me!  For those of you who love everything Stain and Seal™ like I do, it probably hurts your heart a little to know you can’t glaze exterior projects like a garage door or those interior areas that receive a substantial amount of direct sunlight.  Even with a UV resistant top coat like AquaGard™ UV, I wouldn’t chance it. This is where FauxCréme™ Color Trans Oxide colors have saved my life.  Figuratively speaking, of course.   Yes, you can still use the earth tones of FauxCréme™ Colors, but when you need the depth for wood tones, there is no comparison to the Trans Oxide colors. The one color I reach for the most is Asphaltum.  This is quite frankly—the perfect brown.  It has the perfect amount of warmth with a slight red undertone.  Here is a little color chart so you can see for yourself.


exterior paint

As you can see these are very rich, vibrant tones PERFECT for wood tone glazes and refinishing furniture.  Also, they have a very nice translucency to them so they don’t appear cloudy or too opaque on your surface.  There are 5 colors—Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and Asphaltum.  These are great choices for tinting any of your Faux Effects products.  I even find I need less of this pigment compared to the original Faux Créme Colors™ because of their intensity.  Makes it nice when you don’t want to add a cup of colorant.  For more info on what colorants made by Faux Effects are exterio-rated, check out the blog here.  Not all colorants are created equal!


I really hope you check these bad boys out—if you are ever near our Studio here in Southern California, stop by for a visit!  We’d love to meet you and show your more, and I will even make you your very own little color chart.  I know this is one product we all need in our creative arsenal.


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