Unique Easter Egg Ideas You’ll Love to do With Your Kids

Unique Easter Eggs…Getting Ready for the Easter Bunny

Spring is officially here and that means Easter is right around the corner! Just in time to show you the new products from Faux Effects, using unique Easter eggs.

Faux Effects recently released new colors of Palette Deco Metallic in Rose Gold, Champagne and Navy. Palette Deco is an acrylic paste which doesn’t require a protective topcoat. This product has a very high sheen and the metallics have a nice reflective quality. These are such beautiful colors and we thought we’d have a little fun with an Easter egg decorating project with paint!


  Easy Easter Egg Ideas

As I got started, my goal was to show these new Palette Deco Metallic colors—which I did on some, but my creativity took me elsewhere. I got to thinking about Easter egg painting and thought Faux Colors would be perfect to use. Faux Colors are intensely rich colors, similar to an ink or dye but all water-based. I took some Faux Color in painters plastic and created a tye-dye effect and even did some splatter painting. To be honest, that was the most fun. I can only imagine what the kiddos would do with splattering!



Try Foil!

I also tried some Decorative FoilFX. These get applied using a glue, which is Designer FoilSize. You put the Designer FoilSize on first, let it dry—it will dry clear but stay tacky. Then you take a piece of the foil in the color you like and press firmly over the surface until the foil is released onto the surface. Obviously working over a delicate surface like a hard-boiled egg, you don’t want to use too much pressure.






There was no agenda with this project, really just being a kid again and playing with color combos and different styles on this decorated Easter egg. This would be so fun with your kids and even on faux plastic eggs that you can re-use each year.

New Products

Faux Effects has been rolling out quite a few new colors and products recently and it’s worth your time to go check them out. We recently did a Facebook Live where we showcased the new Galaxy Stone, which is similar to a glitter paint, but so much more. It’s rated for exterior use and is extremely durable, so there are many applications for this. You can also add reflective materials into it such as mica flakes or glitter. SetCoat not required! Topcoat not required!

What did you think of our little project? What have you done with your Easter egg designs? Feel free to leave a comment and share with us some of your egg decorating ideas!

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  1. Carol says:

    I’ve been using and loving your products since 1999!! So glad you are still there. Now I use these wonderful products in my fine art!!

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