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Headed To The Island: Antique Finishing

  Headed to the Island…in the Kitchen. As much as I’d love to break away for a nice vacay and head to a real tropical island, there are just too many projects that need to […]

Been gone for a minute but for very good reasons! LUSTERSTONE ACCENT WALL PROJECT

 LusterStone® is Always a Winner It’s been a while since my last blog, but it’s for your benefit! Eye candy! This new year brought with it some incredible jobs so I’ve been out and about beautifying […]

What’s Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and Asphaltum and can go outside? Exploring Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Pigments Have you heard? FauxCréme™ Color Trans Oxide is the new black.  And Red, Yellow, Brown and Asphaltum.  I have another favorite product here that I’m adding to everything from my plasters like Sandstone™, […]

Faux Wood—It’s Faux Beautiful

It’s Faux Beautiful! We’re back with another project!  The creating doesn’t quit around here!  We recently did a super fun project, but I’m a little biased because they are all fun to me!  We have […]
chandelier makeover

We Got Some New Bling Around Here (Chandelier Makeover)

Hi Guys! So we’ve had this old chandelier collecting lots of dust up in our attic and we got the bright idea (no pun intended) to pull it down and put it to good use.  […]