Venetian Gem® Clear Gloss Coat


Venetian Gem® Clear Gloss Coat is a clear product that offers the ease of a trowel application and dries to a durable, water resistant, high gloss finish. Easily tinted and versatile, Venetian Gem® Clear Gloss Coat can be used to add a clear, polished final coat to any number of finishes. Intriguing multi dimensional effects can be created by tinting the material different complementary colors and layering the product over a Venetian Gem® Plaster base resulting in increased depth, play of light and color.

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Approved Application Area Walls, Ceilings
Application Method Troweled
Clean Up Soap & Water
Approved Climate Rating Interior/Exterior
Consistency (Density) Paste
Available Sizes & Square Footage 1 Gallon Pail- 301 – 400
Durability High Traffic- Highly Durable from wear & tear
Finish Texture Smooth (Paint Like)
Intermix No
Manufacturer Faux Effects International
Product Line Silver Line
Sheen (Finish) Gloss
Shelf Life 1 -2 Years
Approved Substrate Primed Drywall, Painted Drywall
Suggested Additives No
  • Venetian Gem™ Clear Gloss Coat dries clear even when tinted.
  • Waterproofing qualities add extra protection.
  • Easy application eliminates the necessity of having to fully burnish Venetian Plaster finishes.
  • This material can also create spectacular stained glass effects when applied over a glass/Plexiglas surface that has been properly prepared with PrimEtch™.
  • Ensure that the work surface is clean and free of grease/dust/film. Venetian Gem™ Clear Gloss Coat can be applied over any Venetian Gem® material as well as many other Faux Effects™ Pro Line, Gold Label™ and Silver Line™ products.
  • If desired, tint the Venetian Gem™ Clear Gloss Coat with FauxCrème Color™ or FauxColor™. It also works beautifully straight from the container, without the addition of any colorant.
  • Apply a thin full coat with a stainless steel trowel, plastic trowel or a rubber squeegee trowel. It is best to apply the product loosely. A very tight application can result in unwanted trowel marks. Try to make each layer as smooth as possible. Allow the product to fully dry. Depending on the drying conditions and thickness of the layer, this may take a minimum of 4 – 8 hours.
  • If desired, a second coat can be applied in the same manner as indicated above.
  • When all coats have dried to the touch, the finish can be dampened with a little water and buffed with Cheesecloth to a higher shine.
  • V.O.C. Compliant
  • Low odor
  • Water and alcohol resistant
  • Non-yellowing
  • Protect product from extremes of temperature
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 55° F or in damp, cold or humid conditions
  • Technical product- training through Faux Masters Studio workshop recommended
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