SoSlow® is a unique product additive that greatly slows the drying time of water-based finishing products. SoSlow® is also a very effective thinner and a retardant for color concentration products such as Stain & Seal™ or FauxCrème Color™ concentrates. The composition of SoSlow® helps separate the color distribution resulting in a very smooth, slow drying color coat, especially useful for cabinet and furniture refinishing.

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Approved Application Area Walls, Ceilings, Floors (Wood), Cabinets (Raw), Cabinets (Pre-Finished)
Application Method Brushed, Rolled, Sprayed
Clean Up Soap & Water
Approved Climate Rating Interior/Exterior
Consistency (Density) Thin Liquid (Watery)
Available Sizes & Square Footage 1 Gallon Jug- 301 – 400
32 Oz Bottle- <100 16 Oz Bottle- <100
Durability Medium Traffic- Withstands normal wear & tear
Finish Texture Smooth (Paint Like)
Intermix Any Faux Effects® glazing medium in which you are attempting to extend the “open-time” of the glaze.
Manufacturer Faux Effects International
Product Line Gold Line
Sheen (Finish) Matte (Flat)
Shelf Life 120 – 365 Days
Approved Substrate Painted Drywall, Raw Wood, Painted/Pre-Finished Wood
Suggested Additives No
  • Add SoSlow™ at a rate of 50% by volume into Stain & Seal™ to make a liquid stain that is easy to manage on large surfaces.
  • Add SoSlow™ into metallic paints at a rate of 10% by volume for ease of application on large surfaces in hot or warm conditions.
  • SoSlow™ has excellent workability over porous substrates.
  • In special circumstances, SoSlow™ can be used alone as a glazing medium for the ultimate slow drying glaze. Just add color. It can be tinted with FauxCrème Color™, Faux Color™, FauxCrème Color™ Concentrates, SuperCreme™ Creamy Smooth Artist Color and Stain & SeaI™
  • Always test the addition of SoSIow™ in any product before application by completing a small test sample to insure satisfactory results. This is particularly true when additions are made to products not manufactured by Faux Effects International, Inc
  • Ensure that the intended surface is clean, dry and free of dust, grease, etc.
  • For best results apply 2 coats of Faux Effects™ SetCoat® or SetCoat® Clear. Allow each coat to dry a minimum of 4 hours.
  • The standard ratio is 25% SoSlow™ to 75% water based paint or glaze to create a slow drying mixture that will work extremely well for a variety of effects. In high altitudes, very hot, dry conditions and over large surfaces as much as 50% SoSlow™ can be added.
  • Using a brush, roller or spray unit, apply an even coat of the SoSlow™ mixture over the substrate. After this step is complete, blot with crumpled plastic, cheesecloth or terry cloth, blending the colors and eliminating any application marks.
  • The amount of open time will depend on the amount of SoSlow™ used, the substrate and the drying conditions. Once the finish has dried, a barrier coat of ColorSeal™ should be applied before proceeding to the next layer or protective topcoat.
  • V.O.C. Compliant nationwide excluding SCAQMD district. NOTE: FauxMasters is still fully able and willing to fulfill customer orders for SoSlow with shipping zip codes outside the SCAQMD district.
  • Low Odor
  • Sheen: Low Luster
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 55°F, or in damp, cold or humid conditions.
  • Technical product- training through Faux Masters Studio workshop recommended
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