Plasters (Acrylic Based)

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Acrylic Based Faux Finishing Plasters

Plasters are an essential supply to have in your faux painting tool kit because they are incredibly versatile, and can be used in the creation of a number of faux finishes. The Venetian faux plaster finish is among the most popular types of effects in this category, but you can also use plaster to create many different textures, including metal, stone, and even textiles. Furthermore, many acrylic plasters can be tinted using products like Faux Crème Color, allowing you the freedom to make unique and creative finishes for your home, redecorations, art projects, and other decorative endeavors.

Achieving a Faux Venetian Plaster Look with the Venetian Gem System

Venetian plaster has a long tradition, and although it was popularized in Venice during the Renaissance, it actually dates back to Roman times. The look of true Venetian plaster is made with special materials and techniques, but you can easily recreate the look and ambiance with faux finishing techniques and acrylic-based plaster. Faux Masters Studio carries a range of products you can use to replicate the Venetian plaster faux finish look, including the Venetian Gem Base Coat, Venetian Gem, and Venetian Gem Bellissimo, all of which are versatile and easy-to-use products that can be used to produce a number of effects. The Venetian Gem line of products are available in a range of colors, including reds, purples, black, blues, browns, greys, greens, and gold.

A Variety of Products You Can Use to Create Other Faux Plaster Finishes

The classic Venetian plaster look isn’t the only effect you can achieve with acrylic-based plaster, and you can also use these products to reproduce the look of linen and heavy textiles, chipped paint, stone, textured iron, grained plaster, distressed finishes, and more.

The specific products that are ideal for these applications include:

  • SofTex
  • FauxStone Pull-Off
  • PlasterTex

Versatile Plasters for All-Purpose Use

Beyond creating specific styles of faux finishes, plaster can also be used to texturize a surface and make it more dynamic and visually appealing. For instance, NüVilla is a light, smooth, and creamy plaster that’s great for decorative finishes, and that’s available in a number of earthy tones, such as driftwood, bark, and olive. O’Villa Sabina, on the other hand, is ideal for any bold patterns, but because it contains refined marble dust, it can also be used for a sandy finish. Finally, Palette Deco is a water-based product that’s available in both pearlescent and metallic versions, and it’s perfect when you want to create striping, combing, and embossing patterns.

Basic Application Instructions for Faux Acrylic Plaster

Although the application instructions will vary from product to product, most acrylic-based plasters have a similar application process. The first is to clean the surface to remove dirt, dust, grease, paint, and other debris. Typically, the second step is applying a coat of SetCoat, which acts as a base coat that can be applied to most surfaces. When the SetCoat is dry, use a trowel to apply an even layer of your plaster material, and allow it to dry for several hours before applying subsequent coats. Any final texturizing or faux finish effects can be achieved using the right technique before the final coats dry completely.

Faux plaster finishes are ideal for revamping, redecorating, and bringing a brand-new old-world look to rooms. With the acrylic-based plaster products, tools, and supplies available through Faux Masters Studio, you’ll have everything you need to create a traditional Venetian plaster look, textures, designs, or other creative faux finishes that will completely transform your home or decorative project.