Blending Solvent™


Blending Solvent™is a specially formulated synthetic polymer solvent created to be used in combination with FauxColor™, FauxCrème Color™, FauxCréme® Clear, and Activator II™. This wonderful additive enhances the reactive capabilities of Activator II™ and may be used as a thinning agent for Faux Effects™ colorants. It is an exceptionally useful reactive solvent for the creation of marble and color patterns.

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Approved Application Area Walls, Ceilings, Floors (Wood), Floors (Cement), Floors (Other), Cabinets (Raw), Cabinets (Pre-Finished), Countertops, Plastic Accents (Switch Plate ETC)
Application Method Brushed, Glazed, Rolled, Sprayed
Clean Up Soap & Water
Approved Climate Rating Interior
Consistency (Density) Thin Liquid (Watery)
Available Sizes & Square Footage 5 Gallon Pail- N/A (Additive)
1 Gallon Jug- N/A (Additive)
32 Oz Bottle- N/A (Additive)
Durability N/A
Finish Texture Smooth (Paint Like)
Intermix FauxCreme™ Clear, FauxCreme™ Color
Manufacturer Faux Effects International
Product Line Gold Line
Sheen (Finish) Matte (Flat)
Shelf Life 1 -2 Years
Approved Substrate N/A
Suggested Additives No
  • Where an accelerated rate of drying is desired, FauxCrème Color™; may be thinned with Blending Solvent™.
  • Always make a sample to ensure the desired result.
  • When Blending Solvent™is mixed into FauxCréme® Clear and FauxCrème Color™;, the shelf life of the mixture is 2 to 3 months when stored in optimum conditions.
  • Colored glaze mixtures that have Blending Solvent™ in the mix will react more strongly when Activator II™; is applied to the glazed work surface. Varying the ratios and experimentation are recommended to achieve the desired result.
  • Take care to create a very smooth SetCoat™; base–this is important to achieve a good quality faux marble. It is also important to use SetCoat™; as a base to guarantee that the unique reaction occurs between the Blending Solvent™,FauxCréme® Clear and FauxCrème Color™;.
  • Mix realistic marble colors using a combination of FauxCrème Color™; FauxCréme® Clear and approximately 10% Blending Solvent™.
  • Randomly apply 2 to 3 marble color mixtures over the SetCoat™; base by sprayer or brush. Create marble-like patterns and flow using Cheesecloth/terrycloth, making sure to vary the color intensity.
  • While still wet, cover the glazed surface with paper that has been torn into stone-like shapes. Press them flat into the glaze. Make sure to create a marble-like pattern, using a picture reference if necessary.
  • Carefully pad off any excess glaze from between the paper shapes.
  • Blot on a thin layer of the fourth complimentary marble color using Cheesecloth as your application tool. Blot and manipulate this mixture using the Cheesecloth until a random pattern has been established.
  • Allow the work surface to dry for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and then remove the torn paper shapes.
  • When fully dry apply a layer of ColorSeal™; over the surface. Allow this layer to dry 8 hours or overnight depending on the drying conditions. Follow this step with 1 to 2 coats of AquaGard™, AquaThane™, or Varnish Plus™. This will add depth and dimension to your finish as well as added protection.
  • V.O.C. compliant
  • Mild Odor
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Store in a cool, dry location to prolong shelf life.
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 55° F or in damp, cold or humid conditions
  • Technical product- training through Faux Masters Studio workshop recomended
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