Shipping policy

Shipping- Estimated Costs, Flat-Rate, & Drop-Ships

At, our highest priority is to offer our customers the most competitive prices with the quickest turnaround times on orders of the freshest materials possible. One of the most critical aspects in this equation is shipping. When ordering through, you have the option of utilizing the “flat-rate shipping” alternative on all UPS continental (excluding Alaska & Hawaii) domestic, ground-service shipments. This is a system in which your shipping costs do not reflect the weight, size, or box count of your order, but the expense is measured directly from the total dollar amount of the order. Due to large, bulky, and heavy containers of paint, shipping costs often become financially forbidding on large orders, but here at this is not the case! Our flat-rate shipping costs are broken down as follows:

Orders totaling UNDER $99.99 – Shipping costs – $22.50
Orders totaling OVER $100.00 & UNDER $299.99 – Shipping costs – $47.50
Orders totaling OVER $300.00 & UNDER $1499.99 – Shipping costs – $69.50
*Orders totaling OVER $1500.00 – FREE SHIPPING*

Same Day Processing Guarantee takes great pride in excellent service. At, we understand that every passing day negatively affects turnaround delays on orders and results in drastically increased shipping expenses which impede job profits and schedules. Understanding the importance of having the necessary materials on-site when you need them is invaluable and here at we are a unique distributor in the sense that we run a reputible contracting buiness in this indisutry Hoppe Brothers & Sons providing us a unique perspective into the importance of same day processing. For these reasons, guarantees that all orders received online via by 1:00 P.M. PST will processed and in-stock orders will be shipped that same day, after verification of availability.

In-Stock Direct-Ship vs. Manufacturer Drop Ship strives to ensure the most user-friendly experience possible. Being the west-coast hub for the Faux Effects product line, we make every effort possible to keep plentiful stock levels on high-frequency selling products. However, the specialized nature of the product line from Faux Effects International does contain raw materials that expire over time. Keeping customer satisfaction levels atop of the priority list, we have strategically developed stock levels that ensure in-stock fresh high-frequency selling products while working to avoid having expired stock on the shelf and potentially in your order and on your project. Please note however, at we do not put our profit levels above your turn-around time: we will ship all material in-house immediately and ship a separate box of anything needing to be drop shipped at our cost. Please remember to order your materials with a large enough buffer time for any necessary drop-shipped items!

Shipping Maps & Zone Times
Direct-Shipping time from’s California warehouse:

Drop-Shipping time from the manufacturer Faux Effects International’s Florida warehouse:

*UPS does not guarantee GROUND shipping to residential areas.

Maps compliments of United Parcel Service of America