Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping

Our goal at is to offer the most confident shopping experience possible while still offering the same security and peace of mind one would expect when shopping at a brick-and-mortar storefront. is a shopping experience that includes exchanging sensitive information including payment, billing, and shipping information.

Classified information such as this must be treated with care and protected thoroughly. Not only is it imperative that we take the necessary precautions when handling this information, but it is equally important that the outside merchants we utilize such as payment processing merchants and shipping services are equally dedicated.

In an exponentially evolving and changing technological environment, staying ahead of the curve regarding data protection is essential. approaches these issues with extreme sincerity and offers the highest levels of protection against fraud and data theft. Any information you provided with is protected via above industry-standard 2048 bit premium Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to prevent the information from being intercepted. vs. “The Rest”

While others may appear to offer a similar experience, we work operate one step ahead of the rest. We are a family owned and operated business that was built on the fundamental values of customer service and transparency towards our valued consumers. Don’t subject yourself to annoying email blasts, poorly maintained storefronts, expiring security efforts, and misleading marketing. has set the bar for more than just ordering the Faux Effects Intl. product line online, it has created a knowledge-base to learn, eplore, expand, and discover how expansive and exciting the FEI product line is! Being the first online ordering presence, we have continued this effort to stay ahead of the rest and dedicate ourselves to this in the future. With so much to learn, read, and compare in the Faux Effects product line, has made substantial efforts to better deliver these exciting products in a more organized and concise manner.

Digital artwork, thorough product descriptions, countless technical details, tips and tricks from Faux Masters Studio’s very own Michael Hoppe, and online downloadable M.S.D.S. PDF’s for every product are just some of the differences offers over “The Rest”. With new features and exciting new tools to expand your portfolio coming all the time, we are excited for the future and hope are too.