Plasters (Metallic & Mineral Based)

Mineral Based Plasters for Faux Finishing

Plasters are an important material when creating a variety of faux finishes, and metallic and mineral plasters can open up a whole new world of possibilities for your projects. Whether you’re redecorating a home, revamping a room, adding color and life to a ceiling, or touching up and old project, Faux Masters Studio has all the mineral and metallic plasters you need to get the job done right and on time.

Olde World Plaster Products Can Help You Create a Number of Faux Effects

Mineral-based plasters like lime plaster are indispensable when you want to create old-world faux effects like frescos, distressing, aged and vintage looks, marbling, and other textured appearances.

The Olde World plaster line contains everything you need to create these effects, including:

  • Olde World Fresco to help you create modern day fresco art masterpieces
  • Olde World Lime Slag, which can be combined with other products to create crackling and distressed looks
  • Olde World Stucco Lustro to mimic the pattern of marble
  • Olde World Quartz Priming Coat and Texture Coat, which can both be used as textured base coats for your projects
  • Olde World Lime Based Paint, which is ideal for helping you achieve color depth and richness that improves with age

On top of that, Faux Masters Studio also carries a product called LimeLux, which is a lime-based and mineral-based plaster that can be used in conjunction with Olde World products to create a creamy, smooth, and durable surface that can be applied over a number of base materials.

Metallic StucoLux Products Bring Shimmer to Your Life

When you want something more modern and less classical looking, metallic plaster products like those from StucoLux are a great option. These products are designed with ease of use in mind, so they’re all creamy, smooth, and simple to apply over a variety of substrates, and especially walls and ceilings. No matter what StucoLux product you choose, you’re guaranteed to end up with a beautiful decorative finish that’s durable and has a rich depth of color, whether you opt for an iridescent or full-blown metallic finish.

Creating Stone and Suede Finishes with Luster Stone Products

Metallic and mineral plasters can be used for more than just basic plaster looks, and these materials are also ideal for creating the textures and patterns needed to mimic products like stone and suede. In particular, LusterStone and LusterSuede are top-of-the-line in this product category, as they’ve both been specially formulated to produce these two faux finishes. They’re both versatile products that are easy to use, and available in a full selection of colors, including grays, blues, pinks, browns, reds, purples, and more.

Other Metallic and Mineral-Based Plasters for All Your Needs

At Faux Masters Studio, we carry a complete selection of mineral- and metallic-based plasters, all of which can be used to accomplish different textures and effects. For instance, Palette Deco Metallic is a water-based material that produces a high-gloss sheen, making it ideal for contemporary finishes like striping, embossing, and combing. NüVilla Metallics can also be used to produce more modern effects, and are especially good for stenciling projects when applied over regular NuVilla products. Similarly, Venetian Gem Hi-Lite can be used with other products in the Venetian Gem line to create an iridescent and satiny overlay on top of a matte surface.

Mineral-based plasters have a traditional and old-world look that’s still very popular today, while metallic-based products can bring a more contemporary look to your plaster work. No matter what type of faux effect or texture you’re trying to create, the wide selection of products we carry will help you complete your project quickly and with ease.