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Metallics for Faux Finishing

Metallics are versatile products that can bring life to any project by bringing shine, shimmer, and iridescence to a surface. Many of these products can be applied to walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and other surfaces, making them ideal for renovations, remodels, art projects, home décor items, and more. Faux Masters Studio carries a full range of metallic products for all your needs, from paints to plasters to glazes and more.

Introducing the Epitome of Faux Metallic Paint Finish: The Designer Metallics Line

There are numerous faux painting metallic products out there to choose from, but when you want the best, the system to go with is Designer Metallics.

This line includes top-notch decorative water-based paints, metallic concentrates, and textured paints that are available in a wide range of unique and eye-catching colors, such as:

  • Charred blue
  • Charred bronze
  • Charred gold
  • Charred graphite
  • Charred green
  • Charred moss
  • Charred Pearl
  • Charred platinum
  • Charred rouge
  • Charred silver

These Designer Metallics and Designer Metallics Textured products, which are both two-part systems that get paired with Designer Metallics Concentrate, can both be applied as base coats for glazing or as finishing coats, and both produce a stunning and high-hide finish. Moreover, thanks to the unique two-part system, you can customize the color of your metallics by pairing the two components in different colors or ratios.

Dutch Metal and Faux Metal Products for Detailed Decorative Work

When the effect you want to create involves highly detailed work like highlight tipping, striping, stenciling, or artistic painting, then Dutch Metal are the choice products. Dutch Metal will leave you with a jeweler’s quality finish and can be used for any decorative paint job, while Faux Metal can be used in lieu of gold leaf or other metal leaf.

A Full Selection of Paints for a Faux Finish Metallic Glaze and Other Looks

Faux Masters Studio carries several individual products and product lines that are ideal for creating metallic finishes, and those products include NüVilla, Galaxy products, Luster Stone products, StucoLux products, and more.

Faux Metal is a metal coating that can be used as a base coat or for decorative work. Galaxy Stone is an interior and exterior architectural coating that can be combined with Galaxy Glitter when you want to produce a more reflective finish. LusterStone and LusterSuede can be used to create stone and suede textures and finishes respectively, while StucoLux products are plaster materials that can be used to create modern plaster finishes. Other products we carry include MetalGlow, a shimmering metallic paint that only requires two coats, Luna, a shimmering and glittering material that’s applied over SharkSkin base coats, and Palette Deco Metallic, which is a paste that can be used for embossing and patterning, and that produces a high-gloss sheen when dry.

Luminous and Metallic Products for Producing Lustrous Finishes

Along with basic paints and other metallic products, Faux Masters Studio also carries a variety of flakes, powders, and other reflective materials that have the power to make surfaces radiant and luminous. These products include MicaGlow Flakes, Powder, and Hi-Lite Powder, as well as Super-Hide Metallics, Venetian Gem Hi-Lite, and Olde World Iridescents.

Metallic paints and products bring light and shine to your walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, making them a crucial tool for many different faux finishing techniques. When you want the best quality and the most selection, Faux Masters Studio has all the paints, glitters, glazes, plasters, and other products you could want to create your own home masterpiece.