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Foils & Leafing for Faux Finishing

Foiling is an incredible faux finish effect that lets you turn any area into a vibrant and luminous metallic surface that glows, shines, and draws the eye. Faux foiling can be applied to many different surfaces and projects, including walls, furniture, decorative items, housewares, art projects, stenciling, and so much more.

The trick with foiling is using a thin and high-quality leafing and choosing the right color according to the setting and your preferences. At Faux Masters Studio, you’ll find all the foil products and supplies you need to get started on and complete your upcoming faux foil projects.

Faux Metal Leaf Options for Every Design Job

The quality and thinness of the foil you use will have a big impact on the final result of the finish. Using high-quality foil is important because it won’t tarnish over time, and the thickness is important because you want to work with something thin that can be layered to create different effects.

Designer FoilFX are all durable metallic foils that are leaf thin, easy to apply, and won’t tarnish, meaning you don’t have to apply a sealer to the final product. You also have a full selection when it comes to foil products, including the basic Designer FoilFX foil, a sample kit, Designer FoilSize adhesive, and inch-thick Ribbon Metal Leaf for smaller jobs and decorative accents.

Faux Finishing Foils Available in a Myriad of Colors

Metals come in a wide range of colors and styles, and each one has its own unique look. To mimic the widest range of metals possible, Designer FoilFX foils are available in a full range of colors and metal styles, so you’re sure to find a foil color that perfectly matches your project and your personality. These faux finishing foils are available in bright and radiant colors such as:

  • Blue and green
  • Bronze, copper, and gold
  • Iris and red
  • Metallic black and white
  • Silver

Faux Foil Painting and Application

The proper application of foil is crucial to the final result, but the good news is that foils are easy to use and simple to apply. Once you’ve cleaned and prepared the surface you want to foil, use a foam brush to apply two thin coats of Designer FoilSize (wait 30 minutes between coats) to the surface you want to foil.

After 30 minutes or so, when the FoilSize becomes tacky, you can apply the leafing material by pressing the foil into the prepared area and rubbing the foil to transfer the leafing. To use the foil for stenciling, place the stencil on the wall and apply the Designer FoilSize only to the open areas of the stencil, and then follow the same instructions to apply the leafing.

Faux foiling is a great way to transform an art piece, liven up your home décor, or even redecorate a room, and with the right tools and supplies, you’ll find this effect is fun to play with an easy to achieve. Faux Masters Studio has only the highest quality foiling supplies, so you’re guaranteed to love your faux foil finish project.