Clear Finish Coats

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Clear Finish Coats for Faux Painting

You don’t typically see the results of a finish coat, but that doesn’t mean this final touch isn’t crucial to the success of your painting projects. Along with coating and sealing your hard work, a clear finish will also protect your paint job from wear and tear, increase durability in high-traffic areas, prevent mold and water damage, and even provide the final sheen you’re looking for.

Depending on the medium and the project, there are many different products you can use for a clear finish coat, including topcoats, waxes, and other sealants, all of which you can find at Faux Masters Studio.

Protective Topcoats to Protect Your Finished Products

There are many topcoat options when it comes to clear finish coats, and the Aqua line of products available here are among the best on the market. These include AquaGard and AquaGard UV, which are both clear acrylic topcoats that increase durability and provide long-term protection when applied as the final coat on a painted surface.

Depending on the finish and sheen you want, these products are available in dead flat, dull, gloss, or even satin finishes. AquaThane is a similar product, but this co-polymer acrylic urethane produces a hard furniture finish, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and items that require sturdier protection. When you’re working with art, sensitive color works, and glazes, ColorSeal is an ideal topcoat that will seal without damaging, and even provide a protective layer over which you can apply a final AquaGard or AquaThane topcoat.

A Broad Selection of Faux Finishing Wax Options

Waxes are an ideal topcoat for woods because they penetrate, tone, and protect. There are many wax products available, depending on the medium you’re working with and the results you’re looking for. For instance, Olde World Venetian Wax will produce a lustrous patina while also enhancing the existing finish. AquaWax produces a clear gloss finish and toner topcoat, but you can also tint it with FauxCrème Color to achieve a more personalized effect.

Most wax topcoats can also be buffed to a semi-gloss or glossy shine, giving you complete control over the end result. Finishing waxes are perfect for hard-to-paint surfaces, making them ideally suited for projects like:

  • Furniture
  • Moldings
  • Railings
  • Carvings

Other Faux Painting Clear Finish Pastes, Compounds, and Sealants

Along with acrylic topcoats and wax finishes, there are also a variety of other clear finish coat options that are suitable for various projects. These include Finishing Paste, which is an easy-to-apply paste that you can wipe on to create a durable and protective finish, Dead Flat Varnish for a sheen-free finish, Polishing Compound to create a high-gloss or frosty white finish, and Olde World Venetian Sealer, which is ideal for sealing plaster.

Finally, there are also the epoxy-based sealing products in the Rock-Kote system, and these are perfect for providing water and chemical resistance to surfaces such as tiles, counters, tables, sinks, floors, and more.

A clear finish coat is sometimes a crucial part of the process when you’re painting, because this final coat will provide durable protection for your furniture, wall, or work of art. You have many choices when it comes to finish coats, including acrylic topcoats, waxes, epoxy sealants, varnish, and more, and Faux Masters Studio has the best selection of high-quality clear finish coats for all your painting needs.