Our Story

As a multi-generational, family owned painting and finishing business, Hoppe Brothers and Sons launched Faux Masters Studio in 1998 with cousins Michael and Bob Hoppe at the helm. From an early age, Michael and Bob grew up immersed in and impassioned by all aspects of the painting business. Every painting technique and trick of the trade was passed down to them from the generation above, and they learned dutifully. At first, Michael and Bob simply helped run the family painting contract company. However, their business model naturally expanded over time as a way of best helping their community and customers. Michael and Bob realized there was one huge problem in the home painting and decor field: many painters, whether weekend hobbyist or professional, did not have a complete and thorough understanding of all aspects of the faux painting, decor and finishing process. Recognizing this serious lack in their community, Michael and Bob created Faux Masters Studio with the sole mission of helping hobbyist and professional painters alike become confident experts in their field.

We are here for our community.

Between Los Angeles and Orange County, there are a massive number of homes and workplaces that need high-quality painting, faux painting, decor, and finishing work done. We believe that professional painters and weekend hobbyists can work together towards the common goal of making sure every paint and finishing job performed in our community is a beautiful one. Since our paint studio’s inception, we have been committed to not only teaching classic faux painting furniture finishing, and decor techniques to students of all levels, but also to teaching new, exciting techniques as well. Above all else, we want you to gain a mastery and control of all aspects of paint and finishing techniques and product knowledge of the Faux Effects professional line so you can beautify the spaces around you and your clients with ease and confidence.