Cheers to the Wedding Season With…Paint! (hand painted shoes)

Celebrate Wedding Season with DIY Fun

Yes, wedding season is upon us! The glory of summer—all of the lovebirds out there getting ready to say “I do” and celebrate their new life together.  So many are choosing for DIY projects to save money on their big day, and what better way to do that than with Faux Effects products!   By far, this is the most unconventional project we’ve done around here, but it was so much fun! And so easy!  We dyed some shoes to match a dress.  And why not?  All it took was a little color matching and a simple application, and voila! Here’s all the details…

First, we started with the shoes and a piece of fabric from the new dress that we were matching.  The shoes were a silver fabric.

Then we started to color match the fabric swatch.  We used Blending Solvent, Faux Colors and a little water to make our dye mix.  We used Blending Solvent because we knew it would penetrate the fabric and not just sit on the surface, and Faux Colors because of the ink-like quality that would disperse nicely in the mix and provide more even coverage.  A little drop of this and a little drop of that is all it took.

Sometimes the excitement just takes over with any new project so we taped the inside of the shoes just in case it got a little messy.

We tested the mixture towards the back of the shoe to see what would happen.  Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous, but so far so good!

Once we determined the color was a good match we proceeded to dye the entire shoe to get a better visual.  We were careful to apply the dye wherever there was fabric to avoid any missed spots.  We used a hairdryer to help it evaporate to see the finished product, then applied a second application to get closer to our fabric swatch.   As a general rule with painting, it’s always easier to add more than to take it off!

All in all, this was a really awesome project and I know that the shoes are gonna look fab at that party!  So here’s to another successful project.  And best wishes to the Bride and Groom!  All I’m missing now is a glass of bubbly!


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