Student Profile: Julio Segovia at Our Furniture Class

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Julio Segovia since he has been to three of our Faux Finishing ClassesDesigner Walls I, WoodTones™ Workshop, and our Furniture and Cabinetry Finishing class. He dove right into learning all he could about Faux Finishing and Decorative Painting, so we wanted to give him a shout out in this month’s blog because we’ve seen firsthand how crafty Julio’s work is and how he applies his knowledge towards his own business.

Julio has been in the Interior Residential and Commercial Painting business for 15 years when he started as a contractor before he became licensed in painting and decorating. For the last 5 years he’s started in his own business, now called J Segovia’s Painting Inc, which serves homes and businesses throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County.

The Classes at Faux Masters are Invaluable


For Julio, taking our Furniture class, as well as our other classes, has helped him learn more and the knowledge he gets to apply directly to his business. “There were so many finishes I didn’t even know existed and that was exciting. It makes me feel more confident that my business is more diversified.” Julio feels as if he’s able to expand his finishes and offer a more complete “menu” of services. “I like that what I learned in the classes helps me not be boxed into ‘regular’ painting concepts. I can offer more to my clients.”

In Designer Walls I we gave Julio a more in depth look at faux finishing and decorative painting for wall surfaces. This is an introductory class to the various plasters and textured materials from Faux Effects. We feature LusterStone®, SandStone™ and Venetian Gem®, among the other favorites. We spend time learning the basics of plaster techniques and how to properly handle a trowel and other decorative tools. In this class we explore the variety of plaster products of Faux Effects. In fact, people usually gravitate towards LusterStone® and SandStone™ because of their simplistic beauty and ease of use.

In WoodTones™ Workshop, we create painted finishes to mimic real stained wood. With an emphasis on various wood-graining techniques, we explore endless color combinations with SetCoat®, Stain and Seal™ and FauxCreme®. This class gives you the ability to match any stained wood color simply with paint and glaze, in fact, we can get a realistic finish in those few easy steps.

Our Furniture & Cabinetry course, focuses on refinishing various surfaces without stripping. We demonstrate the correct steps of preparation along with the product knowledge of appropriate materials for furniture such as SetCoat®, AquaCreme™ and Varnish Plus™.

Finishes Julio Practiced After the Classes

• Sandstone™ with a LusterStone® glaze featuring Luna™
• A reactive glaze over Designer Metallics™ to resemble an oxidized metal finish
PlasterTex™ with LusterStone®
VenetianGem® Bellissimo with Venetian Gem Hi-Lites

And Julio accomplished these finishes by a combination of different Faux Effects products which you can find on our online shop, such as plasters, stains, colorants, glazes, varnishes, top coats, etc.

J Segovia’s Painting Inc. Specializes in:

• Exterior Painting or Staining
• Deck, fence, patio or porch clean and seal
• Exterior home or structure paint or stain
• Exterior surfaces power washing
• Bathtub or other bath or kitchen surface, resurface or reface
• Interior home or surfaces paint or stain
• Paint removal and cleaning
• Deck, fence, patio or porch, clean and seal
• Exterior surfaces power washing
• Exterior surfaces sandblasting and more!

J Segovia’s Painting Inc. is a great business to get your Interior Residential and Commercial Painting needs. Not only does Julio have 15 years experience in the industry but he also has the professionalism and creativity that you need from a painter.

Here’s a look at some of the fun we had from our Furniture and Cabinetry Finishing class.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Furniture Class and other Faux Finishing classes and seeing how Faux Masters Studio can help build your painting business, call 888-977-FAUX or visit our list of classes under the ‘education’ tab–including Color Theory, Plasters & Textures, and more!

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