Okay, everyone.  We.  Have.  STENCILS.

And we really have too many stencils, so many they are taking over our studio.  So, in the spirit of spring cleaning, we are making room for new inspirations.  There is a wide variety of sizes, styles and overlays.  Take a look at these beauties and take advantage of these amazing deals.  Once they are gone, they are gone forever!

Call us at 888.977.FAUX to stock up on these bad boys–we have them priced to sell!  These will not be listed in our online shop, so this is your chance to stock up.  If you are in the Southern California region, you are welcome to stop by our studio in Yorba Linda to look at them.  Our studio is open 7:30am – 4:00pm, M-F.  Going once, going twice….SOLD!**


**NOTE:  We have a wide variety of quantities for each design.  Some we have quite a few new and used, others we only have one of each (new).  If you are interested, please call us at 888.977.FAUX to make sure you don’t miss out on the ones you want.

10 mil mylar thickness and single overlay (1 sheet) unless otherwise noted.  Dimensions posted, if available.

Once any design is sold out, it will be removed from this list.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  HAPPY SHOPPING!




Oriental Brocade

Dimensions: 6.5″w x 8″h – 2″w x 2.75″h      Retail: $21.95

SALE PRICE: $6.97 (NEW)        or         $3.97 (used)


Elegancia Allover

Dimensions: 13.75″w x 16″h        Retail: $39.95

SALE PRICE:       $11.97 (used)


Fabric Damask

Dimensions: 15.5″w x 18.5″h            Retail: $42.95

SALE PRICE:     $11.97 (used)



Vase and Pearls – Standard Size

Dimensions: 19.75″w x 18″h           Retail: $44.95

SALE PRICE: $20.97 (NEW)


Oriental Brushstroke Set (7 designs)

Dimensions: 4.75″w x 5.75″h – 6″w x 7.75″h              Retail: $39.95

SALE PRICE: $9.97 (NEW)         

Mosaic Classic Tile & Border

Dimensions:  4″w x 4″h / 15″w x 4″h        Retail Price $31.95

SALE PRICE:  $9.97 (NEW)        or        $4.97 (used)


small florentine

Florentine Scroll, Single Element – Small

Dimensions: 7″w x 5.25″h – 7.25″w x 4.5″h

SALE PRICE: $2.97 (used)

Florentine Scroll, Single Element – Small

Dimensions: 7″w x 5.25″h – 7.25″w x 4.5″h

SALE PRICE: $2.97 (used)

Florentine Scroll, Single Element – Large

Dimensions: 16.25″w x 7.75″h – 13″w x 9.75″h

SALE PRICE:   $7.97   NEW      $4.97 (used)

Florentine Scroll Set- Large

Dimensions: 16.25″w x 7.75″h – 13″w x 9.75″h                   Retail: $29.95

SALE PRICE: $9.97 (NEW)       or      $6.97 (used)

Brocade Corner – Small

Dimensions:    5″w x 5″h

SALE PRICE: $2.97 (used)

Brocade Border – Small

Dimensions:   13.5″w x 5″h                   Retail: $31.95

SALE PRICE: $5.97 (used)

Laurel Leaf Corner – Small

Dimensions: 7″w x 7″h                            Retail: $15.95

SALE PRICE: $4.97 (NEW)       or       $2.97 (used)

Shell Elegance – Medium

Dimensions: 15.5″w x 8.5″h, 3 overlays       Retail: $38.95

SALE PRICE: $6.97 (NEW)          or        $3.97 (used)

Parisian Swag Panel

Dimensions: 6.5″w x 15″h                     Retail: $27.95

SALE PRICE: $6.97 (NEW)         or         $4.97 (used)

Classic Shell

Dimensions:  13″w x 8.5″h           Retail: 31.95



Dimensions: 16″w x 14″h           Retail: $35.95

SALE PRICE: $12.97 (used)

Pompeii Panel

SALE PRICE: $6.97 (NEW)        or        $3.97 (used)









Pompeii Pedestal – B

Dimensions: 10″w x 20.5″h              Retail: $36.95

SALE PRICE: $8.97 (NEW)    or       $6.97 (used)

Rinceaux Fruit Border

Dimensions: 20.5″w x 5.5″h, 3 overlays

SALE PRICE: $3.97 (NEW)          or       $1.97 (used)

Vesuvius Pompeii Border

Dimensions: 33.75″w x 8″h                 Retail: $37.95

SALE PRICE: $3.97 (used)

Scrolling Leaves Border

Dimensions: 22.25″w x 4.25″h               Retail: $23.95

SALE PRICE: $2.97 (used)









Renaissance Scroll – A

Dimensions: 28.5″w x 6.75″h, 3 overlays             Retail: $49.95

SALE PRICE: $19.97 (NEW)

Renaissance Scroll – B

2 overlays

SALE PRICE: $19.97 (NEW)

Palazzo Centerpiece Ceiling

Dimensions: 17.25″w x 15.5″h, 2 overlays              Retail: $29.95



Acanthus Leaf – Large

Dimensions: 3.25″h x 17″w










Herculaneum Border

Dimensions: 22″w x 6.25″h                Retail: $36.95

SALE PRICE: $4.97 (NEW)          or          $2.97 (used)

It’s Greek To Me Border

Dimensions: 19″w x 5″h, 2 overlays                Retail: $ 31.95


Trompe L’oeil Fruit Festoon

Dimensions: 9″h x 13″w             Retail: $49.95


Egg & Dart Border

Dimensions: 15.75″w x 2″h          Retail: $11.95

SALE PRICE: $4.97 (NEW)         or         $2.97 (used)

Curling Acanthus Molding

Dimensions: 20″w x 2.5″h                Retail: $16.95


19th Century Border

Dimensions: 12.5″w x 1.25″h            Retail: $8.95

SALE PRICE: $2.97 (used)

Victorian Key Border

Dimensions: 14.5″w x 3.25″h             Retail: $ 16.95

SALE PRICE: $3.97 (NEW)           or          $1.97 (used)

Oriental Palm Leaf

Dimensions: 10.5″h x  16.5″w, 14 mil               Retail: $29.99

SALE PRICE: $8.97 (used)

Palm Leaf

Dimensions: 15″h x 7″w, 14mil            Retail: $18.99

SALE PRICE:   $9.97 (used)


Japanese Hydrangea – Small

Dimensions:  9″w x 9.25″h          Retail: $28.95

SALE PRICE: $9.97 (NEW)          or          $6.97 (used)

Grape Ivy Vine

Dimensions:  9″w x 7″h – 23″w x 12.75″h, 3 overlays        Retail: $92.95

SALE PRICE: $29.97 (NEW)

Grape Clusters Set (Each set includes 1 of each design)

Dimensions: 7.25″w x 8.5″h – 6.75″w x 9.5″h, 3 overlays each      Retail: $48.95

SALE PRICE: $8.97 (used)

Pompeii Border

Dimensions: 12.5″w x 4″h              Retail: $20.95

SALE PRICE: $4.97 (NEW)          or           $2.97 (used)


bamboo leaves 5

Willow Boughs Set, 2 pieces

Dimensions: 13″ x 28″ and 10″ x 23″              Retail: $49.95

SALE PRICE: $11.97 (used)


This is end of the list! Thanks for shopping! Call us at 888.977.FAUX to get your stencils.


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