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As a company that started in this industry over 40 years ago perfecting the art of furniture finishing, we proudly offer this workshop on furniture and cabinetry finishing. This exceptional course will give you the confidence you need to achieve avant-garde furniture finishes using the latest in product development and tapping into the hottest design trends in cabinetry. Utilizing stencils, modellos and a range of other tools and methods, you will gain the confidence and ability to add diversity, modern flair, and elegance to your portfolio. From novice to expert–there is something for everyone to learn in this trend-setting course.

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  • This course showcases 7 new and exciting finishes executed on large (13.5″ X 17.75″) doors that you will leave with and can add to your portfolio!
  • The surface types of the samples also is varied from raw wood including oak, alder, and mahogany as well as pre-finished surfaces so you will be equipped to address any furniture project in the future.
  • In an effort to streamline these courses and utilize your precious time most effectively, much of the mindless prep-work will be completed for you. Basecoats, creating and mixing glaze “sauces”, and clean-up will be carried out for you so your time is spent hands-on learning and experimenting, not prepping and cleaning!

1. April 3 – 4, 2018, 2. June 5 – 6, 2018, 3. September 5 – 6, 2018, 4. November 6 – 7, 2018

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