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Specialty Faux Finishing Products

Everybody knows that you need paint, brushes or rollers, and a few tools and supplies to accomplish a great paint job, but what about when you want to get more creative and play around with different faux painting techniques? This is where specialty materials and products can help, and Faux Masters Studio has everything you might need to produce marbling effects, aged looks, and other faux surfaces and finishes that will have friends and family in awe.

Faux Marble Painting Made Easy

StoneDecor is a great specialty product that can help you turn a number of finishes and surfaces into marble. Because the product is formulated with natural marble dust, it will transform your walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces from regular drywall or wood into beautiful and stunning marble. This product can be applied with a roller, brush, trowel, or through pouncing, and can be applied to SharkSkin and SetCoat basecoats. Moreover, the material can also be applied directly to tile, concrete, and laminate finishes to completely renovate your walls or floor in no time.

Creme Activator to Achieve Aged and Antique Looks

Creme Activator is a special product that acts as a poor bonding layer between coats of SetCoat. While this is something you generally want to avoid in regular painting, Creme Activator can be used strategically in faux painting to create aged, worn, and chipped looks that are decorative and vintage. To apply this product, start with a coat of SetCoat and allow it to dry for two hours. Then apply a layer of the Creme Activator and allow it to dry for 30 minutes. Finally, apply two more coats of SetCoat in a different color from the base coat, so that when the top layer chips and peels, it will reveal the different base coat underneath.

Products that Can Be Used with Unique Surfaces

Walls and ceilings aren’t the only surfaces that can benefit from faux painting techniques, and we even carry products that can be used on fabrics, ceramic, and glass. Fabric can add a unique texture to faux painting projects that you simply can’t accomplish with other materials, which is why we carry Fabric Effects fabric paint that makes painting these elements a breeze.

This paint produces a soft but permanent surface and is available in a wide array of colors, including:

  • Browns
  • Black and white
  • Blues
  • Greens
  • Metallic colors
  • Orange
  • Reds
  • Violet
  • Yellows

Another specialty paint product we carry is PrimEtch, which makes painting traditionally hard-to-paint surfaces such as tile and glass a cinch.

EZ Kleen Paint Remover for Easy Cleanup

Finally, no painting supply is complete without a high-quality paint remover, and that’s where EZ Kleen comes in. It’s a water-based paint remover that doubles as a spray gun cleaner, and it’s powerful enough to remove old paint, hard-to-remove paint, and even paint that’s dried and stuck between the bristles of synthetic brushes.

Basic paint supplies can be sourced at just about any hardware store, but only passionate painters like Faux Masters Studio will have all the tools, materials, supplies, and specialty products you need to create your masterpieces. We carry a full line of faux painting supplies and have everything you might need to finish your decorative art project, transform a regular room into a breathtaking vista, or create any faux painting technique your heart desires, such as marbling, faux brick, stone, textiles, or anything else.