Using Galaxy Stone to Create Magic

Outta This World…Galaxy Stone™

Faux Effects has been known as being the industry leader in delivering innovative products for painters and finishers for many years now. Every now and then, they get back to what they do best and create new products for us. Galaxy Stone is one of them.

You Will Love It!

This product in a simple description is a glitter paint—yet it’s so much more, so don’t let that description leave you wanting. It is not truly glitter—but finely milled mica flakes that give the most beautiful shimmer that is unlike any other metallic paint or plaster. This is a great product for a strong basecoat that is rated for interior as well as exterior. This can even be applied over concrete. And SetCoat is not required as a base! That truly speaks to the strength of this product, so if you have a countertop or floor finish, this product would be a fantastic choice. The product is beautiful all on it’s own, by simply rolling on the surface with a Wooster Polar Bear paint roller, or it can be used as a shimmering base in a multi-layer finish.

The colors available are: Tinting Base, Black, Navy, Charcoal and Mystery.

Shine On

Faux Effects also offers Galaxy Glitter as an additive to Galaxy Stone or other products where you want more shimmer. Galaxy Glitter comes in clear, silver and black. You can also add other types of glitter or mica flakes as desired.

We are using Galaxy Stone in so many fun ways here in the studio. My personal favorite is troweling it or using it through a stencil. It leaves the right amount of shimmer.

Have you tried this product yet? What is your favorite way to use Galaxy Stone?

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  1. Ann Ferguson says:

    Hi, I recently used Galaxy stone on countertops. I used Prime etch first and had no problem with galaxy stone sticking. I tip coated with 2 thin layers of C500 and had bad results. It showed watermarks and spills badly. Fortunately I tried it for friends on a rental house so they were not upset. I absolutely loved what I was able to do with galaxy stone but would love to know what you would recommend to seal it with. (I think I even used a layer of Aguard first. )

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