Faux Masters – Everything is Back in Stock!




As many of you may have felt the pinch in the economy these last few years—both in business and personal life, we can relate to the struggles of what this has caused.  We would be remiss if we said it hasn’t been a choppy road to recovery and stability for us all.  We’ve had to maneuver through many lean seasons to maintain our dedication to serving our customers with the products and knowledge they depend on us for—especially with the limitations of higher shipping costs and product availability.  It hasn’t always been easy but Faux Masters Studio refused to accept defeat.


But this message isn’t about doom and gloom.  No, no, far from it.  We have some really great and exciting news for you. This great news is that we survived the storm.  “Well, that’s great and all, but what does that mean for me?”, you might be asking.


What that means is Faux Masters Studio is back to being the FULLY STOCKED DISTRIBUTOR that you know and love!




Having said that, we’d love to know the specific products you need us to keep on hand—all the time—that makes your life and jobs easier.  We will stock all of the most commonly ordered Faux Effects products with an expanding volume as we continue to build and grow.  It’s impossible to anticipate the need of every one of our customers, so your feedback is very helpful for us to get ahead of the curve.   That might be a specific pre-tinted color of a product that you use on repeated jobs.  If you need it, we want to stock it.  Simple as that.  Feel free to comment below or call us or email us.  We do what we do for the success of our customers.  We are in this for the long haul, and we trust our customers will be with us too.


**NOTE: Products sold in the local region of Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside County only) are regulated by the SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) due to VOC content.  If you aren’t sure who the SCAQMD is and what they do, you can read more here and our blog on VOC’s here and here.  If you reside in this area and would like more info on how this may affect you, please call us at: 888.977. FAUX   

Remember, you can find all these products online at FauxMasters.com, where you can conveniently shop 24/7 for tools, products and supplies.

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