Current Faux Finishing Classes

Faux painting is an incredibly fun and creative way to decorate your home, create beautiful and singular artistic pieces, and even to finish antiques, sculptures, furniture, and home décor items. But if you’ve never faux painted before and don’t know where to start, this kind of project can be quite daunting, especially when you think about how many different effects and techniques there are.

Fortunately, Faux Masters Studio doesn’t just provide you with all the painting supplies and tools you need for your projects, and we also offer in-depth courses that can teach you everything you need to know to learn faux painting inside and out.

Where We Are Located

We are located in Orange County in Southern California, serving students from all across the nation. With decades of collective experience from the Industry Leaders-Hoppe Brothers & Sons, our team has forged a cutting-edge approach to finishing with the necessity of demonstrating real-world experience of working out in the field, along with vast product knowledge and exceptional technical support.

Our limited class sizes means our instructors have a close hand in your learning process – your questions and concerns are addressed promptly and thoroughly. We will never let you get lost in the shuffle. If you are having issues with a specific project and can’t seem to resolve them , we also offer private lessons. These are one-on-one sessions with our veteran instructors, who can help you find a solution to any finishing project.

We continuously study the newest advances in the field and we deliver them straight to our students. The workshops are designed to bring you the latest innovations in faux and decorative finishing techniques for walls as well as furniture and cabinetry. This leaves students properly equipped to take on any faux finishing project.

We are passionate about teaching you the Art of Faux Finishing!

Faux Painting Classes that Teach All the Techniques and Effects:

Advanced Surfaces with RS Series

You’ve seen the seemingly complex multi-layered decorative and textual effects and assume that kind of work is beyond you, but it’s not! Of all of our faux finishing classes, this is the one that explores a wide-ranging array of paint finish products and faux techniques, including the RS Series by Faux Effects. Start creating your most visually pleasing finishes with this class. Sign up for the Advanced Surfaces with RS series.

Color Theory Workshop

Color is a crucial element to your faux finish projects. As one of our faux painting classes, the Color Theory Workshop trains you to ascertain colors that best fit the aesthetic you’re looking to capture. The faux painting training provides the fundamentals of interior paint coloring, brings you up to speed on what the pros know of color, and shows you how to use color most effectively. Sign up for the Color Theory Workshop.

Downtown Loft Series

This is one of the faux finishing classes that zeros in on all of the newest trends, exclusive finishes, and up-to-the-minute ideas in decorative painting and faux finishing. Learning how to create modern finishes has never been more accessible! Stay relevant with this course. Sign up for the Downtown Loft Series.

Furniture and Cabinetry Finishing

Hoppe Brothers and Sons started their company in the furniture finishing business over 40 years ago, and so hosting a class to share their expertise in it came naturally. With the latest developments and designs, using stencils, modellos, and many more tools and faux techniques, we aim to make any furniture you work on exude elegance and modernity. Sign up for Furniture and Cabinetry Finishing.

Select a Faux Finishing Class

Plaster Finishes and Textures

Plasters and textures are a cornerstone in designing finishes that stand the test of time. There are styles and trends that rise then quickly fade away, but proper plaster and textures are part of the business that isn’t as fickle. Learn about a variety of the Faux Effects products and creating timeless textures. By the end of the faux finish training in this course, you’ll have a collection of finishes that you’ll be proud of. Sign up for Plasters & Textures.

Designer Walls I

The finishing touch and the ability to create breathtaking décor on your wall is an ability that can be learned by anyone. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the vast knowledge of the fundamentals of faux finishing and decorative painting will be provided for you in Designer Walls I. Your education of developing techniques and creating professional designs starts here. Sign up for Designer Walls I.

WoodTones™ Workshop

Perfecting your techniques on wood-graining and wood-like finishes with paint is beneficial for your home décor and your faux finishing. The WoodTones Workshop will train you to become that professional for all your future home projects. It will be simple to learn the various different color combinations of wood tones and utilize them for the next project and home refinishing. Sign up for WoodTones™.